Single Working Women's Day


Strive to prosper. The path is hard to push through, but the destination is worth it. There are many stumbling blocks along the way that never stopped her. Regardless of gender, it takes a lot to strive for your dreams and fight your way to the top. August 4th it is time to honor the single working women out there. So much so, it is in its name. August 4th is Single Working Women's Day!

Traveling the path to a successful career can be difficult, but doing it alone poses another challenge. This Single Working Women's Day take some time to encourage those women who are going above and beyond. She is strong, and she is persevering. Encourage her when she least expects it with something as beautiful and elegant as she is.

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Have flowers delivered in Naperville this Single Working Women's Day, and you'll see that needed light sparked in her eyes. Encourage her to keep persevering and to keep breaking that glass ceiling with flower delivery in Naperville.

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